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Audio & Video Installation

We offer professional Audio and Video installation for shops, clinics, surgeries, offices or your home. All our installations are bespoke, and custom designed to your needs and requirements. Our video & audio systems range from basic single room systems to large multi room systems all running the same audio/video footage or each playing separate audio/video. We can also offer a video creation service for creating custom films for your system.

Video Display Installation

Video Creation Service

Our Video Displays are tailor made and can include LCD, Plasma screens or Projector systems. Video Displays are perfect for receptions, waiting rooms, conference rooms, window displays or general office use.

Our Video Creation service can create DVD’s and videos for your video display units. ranging from simple picture slide shows to video catalogues to live interactive displays.

Audio Installation

Itunes Integration

Our Audio Systems range from simple installations playing music in a single room to multi room installations with individual volume controls in each room to systems allowing you to play different songs in every room. Our audio systems can be run from  CD players, Itunes or your Ipod. We have found that shops, clinics, surgeries and offices prefer using Itunes or Ipods, as they can easily use predefined play lists for different moods and occasions.

Itunes is now one of the most popular if not the most popular way for people to buy/store and categorise their music collections. We can offer solutions for integrating your Itunes collection in to your multi-room audio system and also back up solutions so you don’t loose your music.

Tailored Technological Solutions

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Onsite Coverage Areas

We have customers all over the world, but our onsite work is centred on the south east of the UK, specifically - Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, GU24, Ascot, Guildford, Woking, Bracknell, Staines, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor & Wokingham.

Hampshire ● Surrey ● Berkshire ● GU24 ● Ascot ● Guildford ● Woking ● Bracknell ● Staines ● Sunningdale ● Virginia Water ● Windsor ● Wokingham

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