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Janus - Free Website Monitoring

Janus - Free Website Monitoring

Janus is a FREE Website Monitoring solution specifically created to monitor your website/s pages and to provide an Alert by E-mail when a problem is detected.

Visit the Janus Website Monitoring Login / Setup Page

VennerCorp Speed Tester - How fast is my connection?

The Vennercorp Speed tester allows you to test the speed of your internet connection from two different locations, the US and the UK. You can check your upload and download speeds.

Visit the Vennercorp Speed tester

VennerCorp IP Address Finder - What is my external IP address?

The VennerCorp IP address finder allows the user to find out what their current IP address is.

Visit the Vennercorp IP Address Finder

VennerCorp Where am I located?

The VennerCorp Where Am I Location finder will attempt to find your location from your connection device.

Visit the Vennercorp Where Am I Finder

Tailored Technological Solutions

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Onsite Coverage Areas

We have customers all over the world, but our onsite work is centred on the south east of the UK, specifically - Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, GU24, Ascot, Guildford, Woking, Bracknell, Staines, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor & Wokingham.

Hampshire ● Surrey ● Berkshire ● GU24 ● Ascot ● Guildford ● Woking ● Bracknell ● Staines ● Sunningdale ● Virginia Water ● Windsor ● Wokingham

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