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YALP Image and Video Display Kit

Looking for a cheap and reliable method of automatically displaying Pictures or Videos on a TV or computer monitor in your shop, office or window?

We have developed a very simple and user friendly kit to get you up and running in minutes, all you need to supply is a display with an HDMI socket and a USB stick containing your pictures or video.
YALP is very easy to use, just create a directory called images or videos on a USB stick, pop it into the side of the Raspberry PI and power the system up. Our preinstalled software will automatically detect whether you would like to show images or a video and then load them onto the connected display on a continuous loop.

Image and Video Display Kit

Why did we choose to use a Raspberry Pi for our YALP system?
We chose to use the Raspberry PI in our kit as it’s a very cost effective low power mini computer running at around 0.9 Watts meaning an approximate daily running cost of less than 2 pence and will work with any HDMI compatible LCD / plasma TV set or computer monitor.
It is also extremely tiny at around 86mm x 55mm x 25mm so will be easy to hide away in a nook or cranny.

The case of the PI comes with 2 slide in screw notches allowing you to easy fix it to a wall, we also supply each kit with a couple of cable ties to allow you to tie it to the back of a monitor or to the leg of a TV stand etc.

Image and Video Formats
The YALP kit can use JPG and PNG image files for its slideshows - other formats may work but they have not been tested.
Video formats that are compatible are AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4 - other formats may work but they have not been tested.
Images and Videos should ideally be of a resolution of 19201200 or greater.
Commercial Encrypted DVDs will probably not play.
We have purchased and installed the licence for MPEG2 format videos.
If you wish to use videos encoded with Microsoft’s VC-1 format a separate licence is required; you can either add this yourself fairly easily or we can do it for you.

Each YALP Kit comes with -

  1. 1 Raspberry Pi mini Computer with our software preinstalled on an SD card.
  2. 1 off Power Supply.
  3. 1 off HMDI lead.
  4. 2 cable ties to allow for quick installation.

All this for 89.99 + delivery. Buy it today from our online SHOP

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