How To Create A Secure Password

How To Create A Secure Password

With all the hacking in the news at the moment, lots of people are asking, how do I create a secure password, to keep my email account/computer/bank account/Amazon account etc, secure and protected from unwanted intrusion.

Below is a quick guide to creating a secure password.How to Create a Secure Password

The top most common passwords are;

  1. qwerty
  2. god
  3. 12345
  4. password
  5. letmein
  6. Peoples Names e.g. Thomas, James, Sarah.
  7. Pet Names. E.g. whiskers
  8. Sport Clubs E.g. Arsenal or the Red Socks
  9. TV show names or characters. E.g. rachaelgreen
  10. Movie names or characters. E.g. tomcruise
  11. Animals E.g. Monkey.

The above password examples, are the first that a hacker or one of their password sniffer programs will try to crack your account.

To create a password that will protect you and your information/money, you will need to mix it up a bit and think outside the box.

  1. Have a minimum length of 7 characters E.g *******
  2. Have a mixture of upper and lower case characters E.g. e*cA***
  3. Have a few numbers in the mix E.g. e9cA*1*
  4. Have a symbol or two E.g. e9cA&1!

You should also change your password regularly to stop people sneaking a look over your shoulder.

So e9cA&1! is a great password but not very memorable and obviously you don’t want to write it down, as that defeats the object of creating a secure password in the first place. But you can create a memorable password that is almost as secure by combining the secure methods with something that you will remember.

How about these they are both memorable and secure!

  • tom23CruisE&
  • arSenaL1£9

It is important to remember that no password is totally secure if someone has enough time and money they will be able to crack it, what you are trying do is make it so difficult and time consuming to break in they will move onto someone else’s.