How to attract more Fans on Facebook

Just opened a new account on Facebook and what to attract more followers? Then follow the guide below.


  1. Put your account details on your literature and business cards – give incentives for people to follow you.
  2. Go to “get started” on your Facebook company/group page.
    1. Send invitations to all your friends from within Facebook
    2. Import contacts from your email clients address book and send invitations. – note you cannot change the format or text of the invitation.
    3. Import contacts from your business database and send invitations to people from with your Facebook account. – note you cannot change the format or text of the invitation.
    4. Create adverts on Facebook to request “strangers” to like your page.
  3. Send out an independent email to your contacts asking them to like/follow you. Try offering them an incentive to get a higher response rate.
  4. Get friends of friends to like your page by offering an incentive to your followers to ask their friends to follow you.


  1. Once you have 25 people following you can create a professional Facebook username e.g.
  2. You can only invite your direct friends in your personal profile not friends of friends.