I have Lost My OScommerce Admin Password

I have Lost My OScommerce Admin Password

If you have lost or forgotten your oscommerce admin password, it is actually quite simple to reset.

Login to your database using your preferred software i would recommend phpMyAdmin. Go to to the table admin and search for admin_password. You will find something like b3c81012528b6dddcc7e94c773f5f188:26 currently in the saved field. This is your current hashed password, Unfortunately you can’t get your password back as it uses a one way encryption. You will need to use the fields below to create a new hashed password and then replace the old hashed password.

New Password:
New Password for Oscommerce:

(The code to generate the MD5 hash in javascript came from Paul Johnston’s site.)


Now you have generated your new hashed password you need to change the login record in your database. Copy the Above hashed password (use copy and paste via clipboard rather than writing it down as you will make less mistakes). Paste the Hashed password into admin_password field and save your database. You should now be able to login with your new password.

If you would like help resetting your Oscommerce password please Contact us or visit our our Ecommerce shop creation Page