What is the Best Day to Send a Business…

What is the Best Day to Send a Business Mailshot?

Sending a Mailshot out on the correct day can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failure.

Some days of the week are better than others, for example people in a business environment tend to be more busy at

What is the Best Day to Send a Business Mailshot

What is the Best Day to Send a Business Mailshot

the beginning and at the end of a week as they are trying to catch up on or get work finished ready for the weekend.

If the mailshot is going to someone’s personal home then they are more likely to read it at the weekend as they have more time.

Business Mailshot.

  • Best day – Wednesday.
  • Second best – Tuesday / Thursday.
  • Avoid Monday and Friday.

If posting in the UK send out on a Monday.

Personal Mailshot.

The best days are a Friday and Saturday.


Time of the Year

The best time of the year to send a mail shot tend to be mid January to mid June and then mid September to mid November. The reason being that to maximize the chance the right person will see your literature you need to avoid both national and personal holiday periods.


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