Beware Emails Asking for Payments!

Beware Emails Asking for Payments!

Scammers have now moved away from sending emails from Nigerian Princes saying they need to move their money abroad. Now they are impersonating peoples Bosses, Wife’s, Husbands or Friends.Beware Emails Requesting Money

The scammers do a lot of research to make sure the email looks identical to the company’s normal emails and they either fake the email headers or change the email address by substituting a couple of letters (e.g. to so its actually appears to be from them.

They then say something along the lines that they need to get an urgent payment to a new supplier or the company will loose a big contract. The Employee then sends the money not wanting to question their boss, and all is ok until they are fired for loosing their company’s money.

There is also a similar email scam where companies are emailed supposedly from one of their suppliers saying their bank details have changed, and all future payments should go to their new bank details. As i am sure you can guess the email is from a scammer and the bank details are theirs and not your suppliers.

If you ever get an email out of the blue asking for an urgent payment or someone saying their bank details had changed, you should always phone them first on a number you trust (not one in the email) and check that the email is genuine. As its better to appear over zealous than loosing your employers or your own money.

The BBC have recently done an article talking about these scams, click the below link to check out the full article.