How to Attract Local Customers to your Business.

The internet is a wonderful thing it allows you to speak to and find people, information and businesses from all over the world.
If you have a business website it’s possible for you to attract a world wide audience, with visitors from all four corners. Which is a fantastic thing, but if you own a small shop in a village or you service a limited area, you don’t want really want to attract visitors from the other side of the planet, as there is very little chance they will spend any money with you. You need to attract local people to your website, shop or service as they are much more likely to spend money with you.

Below are some of the most effective Strategies for attracting loyal local customers to your business.

6 Strategies for attracting local customers.

1) Local Keywords.
If you have a website you should make sure that it has been “Localised”. I.E. if your business is located in A and you cover B, C and D then you need to mention these areas on your website, they need to be in the Page Title, Body and in the Alt tags on your images.
If you don’t do this then not only will your potential customers not know if you cover their area but the search engines won’t associate your business\website with your coverage areas..
2) Local Directories.
Make sure your business details are entered and correct in any available local printed directories. They are often free or very reasonable and delivered to your target audience in your target areas. It’s worth remembering especially if your business targets older people that they tend to still use directories instead of looking on the internet.
If they are web based then make sure you supply your website as it will help your search engine rankings.
3) Google Maps.
Add your business to Google Maps. It’s totally free, you don’t need a website and it will increase your visibility on Google.
4) Signs.
They might sound old fashioned but they are cheap and very effective for attracting passing trade. Swing signs and banners are amongst the best types as you can place them outside your business as direction/location finders but you can also move them around if needed.
5) Swapping Adverts.
Speak to other similar businesses about doing an advert swap, if you have a shoe selling business then swap adverts with your local shoe repairer. You could recommend each other verbally and or swap adverts on your literature or website.
6) Get Involved in Local Events.
Donating your time, expertise and even your products can not only make you feel good but it can bring in lots of free advertising. Normally when you donate to charities/events etc they will allow you in return to have your name on any brochures, signs and websites. This will not only bring your business to the attention of local people but it will associate your business with giving and make you more attractive.

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