Apple Stops Selling iPod’s !

Apple Stops Selling iPod’s!Apple Stop selling Ipods after 16 years

After 16 years Apple have stopped selling all their basic iPod’s and only selling their Touch model!

They have quickly withdrawn their popular basic Nano and Shuffle iPod from their website, leaving just their touch model. The touch is an IOS device and is basically just an iPhone without the phone part. This will annoy a lot of people who just want a basic device to play their music while running or on the beach. The Touch of course will do that but it is a lot larger, heavier, fragile and its battery life is tiny compared to the Nano or Shuffle.

The iPod nano and shuffle will still be available from third party stores such as amazon until their stocks run out. If you are very attached to your older device it might be worth picking up a spare until while you still can.



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