The Top 5 Computer Movies

Below are the top 5 computer Movies in existence. They might not have the latest technology or in most cases be realistic with the computers capabilities, the graphics, or the speed of the internet at that time. But they are perfect for when your inner geek or nerd needs a quick fix or just to laugh at some of the antiquated technology.

1. The Net 1995
Angela Bennett’s a software analyst who works remotely from home and has few friends or family outside of cyberspace. Taking her first vacation in years she becomes embroiled in a web of computer espionage when her life is deleted and her friends are killed.
Killer Quote – Is that business or pleasure? Is there a difference? Not a great deal if you’re a hacker.
Technology – Mac OS 7.

2. Hackers 1995
A 12 year old boy writes a computer virus that crashed fifteen hundred and seven computers in one day; he is then banned from touching a machine until his 18th birthday. Just after his 18th birthday Dade and his new hacker friends are framed for planting a virus in a supercomputer by an evil super hacker, they must then race against the clock to prove their innocence and stop the virus before it causes the world’s largest oil spill.
Killer Quote – Hack the planet! Hack the planet!
Technology – Apple Powerbook 540c.

3. Antitrust 2001
Milo is hired after college to help NURV to write the software for their new global satellite communication system, he then finds out there are hidden secrets at the company when code starts appearing, written by recently deceased programmers around the country.
Killer Quote – You’re either a one or a zero. Alive or dead.
Technology – GNU/Linux.

4. WarGames 1983
A young computer wizard accidentally breaks into the top secret war playing computer at NORAD while searching for the latest computer game. He starts playing a game of thermo nuclear war not realising that the computer is trying to play for REAL.
Can he convince the generals at NORAD to stop the computer before it starts world war 3?
Killer Quote – Shall we play a game?
Technology – IMSAI 8080.

5. Firewall 2006
A master criminal kidnaps a banks security manager’s family to force him to hack into his own bank to steal $100 million.
Killer Quote – Honey, I need to borrow your iPod.
Technology – Ipod.