What Types of File Does Gmail Block?

What Types of File Does Gmail Block?

For your “safety” Google / Gmail blocks you from sending & receiving certain types of executable files via email.

“ade”, “adp”, “bat”, “chm”, “cmd”, “com”, “cpl”, “exe”,”hta”, “ins”, “isp”, “jse”, “lib”, “mde”, “msc”, “msp”,”mst”, “pif”, “scr”, “sct”, “shb”, “sys”, “vb”, “vbe”,”vbs”, “vxd”, “wsc”, “wsf”, “wsh”

Even if you place these files within a Zip file (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz, .rar) standard or encrypted – Gmail /Google will still block them.

If you are sending these types of file via Gmail Google will normally give you a message telling you it is not allowed. But if you are sent an email with a exe attachment from outside Google very annoyingly you will not get a message nor will the message be put into spam or your trash bin, it will just not arrive and even more annoyingly it is not bounced back either.

They do this to try and stop the spread of Viruses, Malware and other types of nasty programs.

This can be very inconvenient though if you do need to send one of these types of file for some reason, but luckily you can get round it in fairly simple way – check out our next post to find out more.