Googles Cookie Law Compliance Banner

As of the 8th of  April 2013 google has introduced a Cookie Law Compliance Banner in-order to comply with a new EU law that became active on 25th of May 2012. This law basically states that all websites in the EU must offer their visitors information on any cookies they use, and provide an option to opt out of having any cookies put on to their machine.

Companies large and small all over the EU have interpreted the law in different ways – some have even ignored it entirely-  see our post

Google has now introduced a nice and simple information banner on all their search results pages – but interestingly they have opted for the “if you don’t want cookies then don’t use our services approach” which considering  how much Google is typically used by everyone it might be hard to do.

Googles Cookie Law Compliance Banner

By clicking on the “OK” button, Google stores a cookie on your machine so the banner will be hidden from you in the future.

If you click the “learn More” button it takes you to Googles cookie page this describes Googles cookies policy and how / why they use cookies  as well as how to block them if you wish.


For more information on cookie use and the EU LAW please visit our cookie law page

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