How do i setup wifi on my Raspberry Pi?

How do i setup WiFi on my Raspberry Pi?

Setting up a WiFi connection on your Raspberry Pi is fairly straight forward, but you will need some information before we start.

  1. You will need a supported WiFi USB Dongle.

    Raspberry PI

  2. Your network SSID.
  3. Your encryption type.
  4. Your password / paraphrase.


Now comes the fun bit;

  1. Plug in your WiFi dongle and boot up your Pi.
  2. Navigate to SYSTEM > OpenELEC.
    • If your PI has a network port Select Network 2 otherwise select Network 1.
  3. In the selected Network tab,
    • Set up the followingwifi_dongle
      • Network Technology as WLAN.
      • Network Interface as wlan0.
      • WLAN SSID as your routers or access points SSID.
      • WLAN security¬† =¬† the type of security your router or access point is using.
      • WLAN Passphrase = your routers or access points WiFi password.
  4. Reboot your pi.
  5. Go into SYSTEM > System Info > Summary and check that the PI has connected to your router / access point and has been issued with an Valid IP address.
  6. Thats it …….


If it does not work check you setting and make sure you have rebooted your machine, if it still does not work you may need to use an external USB powered hub as your WiFi dongle may require more power than the Pi’s USB ports can supply.

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