How Do I add an MPEG-2 license key to my Raspberry PI?

How Do I add an MPEG-2 license key to my Raspberry PI?

Before purchasing your License from the raspberry pi shop you will need your Pi’s serial number.  This is quite simple to do.

Get Your Raspberry PI Serial Number

  • Boot UP your PI.
  • Goto system > system info > network.
  • Note your serial number –  should be something like 000000000ffae29e.

Once you have your Serial number go to fill in the form and pay your money. 2-3 days later you will get an email with your new License code.

Raspberry PI

In the email you will find a line similar to decode_MPEG2=0x7654321 the  “0x7654321” is your License.

Add your License to your OpenElec / XMBC Installation

  • Insert your SD card in to your PC or MAC etc.
  • Open up your SD card in your file viewer of choice.
  • Open config.txt.
  • Scroll down until you find # decode_MPG2=0x00000000.
  • Delete the #.
  • Change the 0x00000000 to your new license.
  • Click save.
  • POP the SD card back in your PI and reboot.

Note – Some versions of XMBC have a field in their settings tab to allow you to input your license directly via the interface.

That’s it your job is done.

If you use multiple OS versions on multiple SD cards you will need to add the License to each.

Test your License

This process uses SSH, i would suggest you use a program called putty get it from

Default SSH username and password on openelec is username = root and password = openelec

Get your IP address from system > system info > network

  • SSH into your Pi.
  • Type “vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2”  without quotes.

You will then get either a MPG2=enabled or MPG2=disabled.


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