How Do I Clone A SCSI Hard disk?

How Do I Clone A SCSI Hard disk?

Below are some easy and straight forward instructions to clone your SCSI Hard disk.

The below instructions assume you are using a windows based machine and use a great little utility called HDD-Raw-

How Do I Clone A SCSI Hard Disk?

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Copy-Tool this can be used to create an exact low-level, sector-by-sector device duplication you can clone SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI, SSD drives, USB sticks, SD, MMC and CompactFlash cards to an img file or to another device..

Clone your SCSI Hard disk

  • Download the utility from
    • We would recommend you get the standalone version as this means you don’t need to install the program and will run straight from the download.
  • Pop your SD card into your PC or laptop.
  • Start up the program.
  • Highlight your SCSI Hard disk and click continue.
  • Highlight the device you want to copy to, or select if you want to write to an image file.
    • If you want to write to an image file to coClonepy to a SCSI Hard disk at a later date –  Double click on the FILE option and choose the location and name for your image file.
  • Click Continue.
  • You will now get a display showing your previous choices, check them and then double check them – If you write to the wrong drive e.g. Your main hard disk your computer will be very poorly!!
  • Click start.
  • The program will now clone your SCSI Hard disk.SCSI Hard disk Clone



That is it, you now have a clone or an img file of your SCSI Hard disk. If you created an image file this can now be used to make multiple clones.


To go the opposite way e.g. Burn an image to SCSI Hard disk, choose an image file in tSCSI Hard disk Clonehe first window and then an SCSI Hard disk in the second.



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