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  • VennerCorp 10:31 on July 9, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: Essential Summer Tech, Essential Tech, , , Technology   

    Essential Summer Tech 2017

    Essential Summer Tech 2017With the main summer holiday/vacation time rushing up on us, its time to have a think about some of the essential tech it is worth taking with you.

    We are not going to talk about the obvious things that you will almost certainly have and are already going to take with you e.g. your Tablet, Digital Camera, Smart Phone etc.

    We are going to discuss the items you might not have thought of, but can make a massive difference to your summer holiday/vacation.



    Travel Converterconverter

    The first item you MUST/NEED to take with you (unless you are not traveling abroad) is a mains plug Adapter, otherwise all the tech you take will be pretty useless once the battery’s run out. You can get cheap adapters that are country specific and ones that don’t have a USB socket in builtin, but they are not really cheap or useful when you considered you then need multiple adapters for each country and you will need to take a USB adapter on top of the converter.

    If you get and take an “all in one” then it will work in pretty much every country and you don’t need to take a separate USB adapter. You can also plug in various country’s plugs in the converter by pulling off the USB section.

    We recommend the below item, designed for Worldwide use it works in over 150 Countries including USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, South America.
    As well as the USB sockets you can plug in a normal mains plug, it can accept plugs from the USA, Europe, UK and Australia.
    It comes with 2 USB sockets allowing you to charge multiple items at the same time.

    Click here to buy it from Amazon for around £14.99

    Power BankPower Pack

    If you are going to be doing any type of intensive gadget use away from a fixed mains socket, Spending a night camping/sailing or maybe you are playing Pokemon Go then taking a Portable Power Bank around with you is essential. A portable power bank allows you to charge up any device that uses a USB socket e.g your Phone or Tablet. You simply just charge the Power bank up before you go and then when your device is running low you just plug it in and it will give you double or triple your normal usage.

    The One we recommend is the Anker model, It is very small and lightweight and can easily slip into your pocket with out any problems. This model will allow at least 2 full charges of standard mobile/cell phone and will recharge in 5 hours.

    Click here to buy it from Amazon for around £12.99

    Large Power BankLarge Power Pack

    A large capacity Power Bank is basically identical to the above, but they are designed to be able to hold a lot more charge to enable you to recharge your devices a large number of times. For example a standard Power Bank will do 2 or 3 charges, but a large Power Bank will do 9 charges.

    If you are going away from a main supply for a prolonged period e.g. your going to a festival or maybe about to trek the Inca trail then a Large Power Bank will be found essential as it will be allow you to recharge all your devices for over a week.

    We recommend the below model as it only takes only about 10 hours to charge, will recharge an iphone up to 9 times and maintains up to 95% of charge after six months in standby.

    Click here to buy it from Amazon for around £72.95

    Luggage scaleElectronic Luggage Scales

    More and more airlines are reducing the hold luggage you are allowed to take, and if you go over the limit they will charge an exorbitant amount. So being able to quickly and easily check the weight of you luggage is essential. By taking a small digital scale you can weigh all your luggage and make any adjustments as necessary.

    The model we recommend below allows you to weigh up to 50 kg with an accuracy of 0.01kg.
    It has a large clear back light display that can give you readings in (lb, g, ounce, kg), its very light weight only 90g and very small so it can easily slip in your case.

    Click here to buy it from Amazon for around £6.99

    Bluetooth SpeakerWaterproof WaterProof Speaker

    If you are going to a summer party on the beach or any other type of group gathering then you will find a wireless Bluetooth Speaker essential as it will allow you to stream all your music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth direct to the speaker.

    The Model we recommend below is fully waterproof, has a large inbuilt battery giving up to 12 hours play time,
    high quality sound and a unique enhanced bass.

    If you are connecting your mobile/cell phone then it will then give you hands free calling by allowing use of its inbuilt microphone and loud speaker.

    It also allows wired connection via its 3.5mm socket and TF Card Support so you can store your favorite songs permanently on the device.

    Click here to buy it from Amazon for around £24.99


    If you have any questions or you have any tips of your own, Why not drop a comment below.

  • VennerCorp 20:35 on July 25, 2011 Permalink |
    Tags: , Hacker, , movie, , Technology,   

    The Top 5 Computer Movies 

    Below are the top 5 computer Movies in existence. They might not have the latest technology or in most cases be realistic with the computers capabilities, the graphics, or the speed of the internet at that time. But they are perfect for when your inner geek or nerd needs a quick fix or just to laugh at some of the antiquated technology.

    1. The Net 1995
    Angela Bennett’s a software analyst who works remotely from home and has few friends or family outside of cyberspace. Taking her first vacation in years she becomes embroiled in a web of computer espionage when her life is deleted and her friends are killed.
    Killer Quote – Is that business or pleasure? Is there a difference? Not a great deal if you’re a hacker.
    Technology – Mac OS 7.

    2. Hackers 1995
    A 12 year old boy writes a computer virus that crashed fifteen hundred and seven computers in one day; he is then banned from touching a machine until his 18th birthday. Just after his 18th birthday Dade and his new hacker friends are framed for planting a virus in a supercomputer by an evil super hacker, they must then race against the clock to prove their innocence and stop the virus before it causes the world’s largest oil spill.
    Killer Quote – Hack the planet! Hack the planet!
    Technology – Apple Powerbook 540c.

    3. Antitrust 2001
    Milo is hired after college to help NURV to write the software for their new global satellite communication system, he then finds out there are hidden secrets at the company when code starts appearing, written by recently deceased programmers around the country.
    Killer Quote – You’re either a one or a zero. Alive or dead.
    Technology – GNU/Linux.

    4. WarGames 1983
    A young computer wizard accidentally breaks into the top secret war playing computer at NORAD while searching for the latest computer game. He starts playing a game of thermo nuclear war not realising that the computer is trying to play for REAL.
    Can he convince the generals at NORAD to stop the computer before it starts world war 3?
    Killer Quote – Shall we play a game?
    Technology – IMSAI 8080.

    5. Firewall 2006
    A master criminal kidnaps a banks security manager’s family to force him to hack into his own bank to steal $100 million.
    Killer Quote – Honey, I need to borrow your iPod.
    Technology – Ipod.


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