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  • VennerCorp 14:49 on September 23, 2012 Permalink |
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    How to setup a free AOL email account.

    Hints and Tips

    1)      Open your web browser of choice and type into your address bar and press enter.

    2)      On the right hand side under the Blue “Sign In” button is a link called “Sign up for a free account” click this.

    3)      AOL will now offer you a screen to allow you to setup your email account. Enter the requested information.

    1. Your First Name.
    2. Middle Initial (optional).
    3. Your Last Name.
    4. Pick a User Name – this will be your actual email account e.g. If your chosen username is not available AOL will offer you some similar alternatives, you are not obligated to choose one of these, you can start again if you wish.
    5. Enter your password of choice, see our recent post on creating a secure password.
    6. Renter your password to confirm.

    4)      Click Next.

    5)      AOL will now ask for some more information

    1. Data of Birth
      1. Month
      2. Day
      3. Year
    2. Your Gender
    3. Your Zip Code (Post code)
    4. Select a security Question. – This is used to help prove your identity in the future or if you forget your password.
    5. Enter a answer to the above question.
    6. Mobile Phone Number (optional). – This is used to help prove your identity in the future or if you forget your password.
    7. Alternate Email (optional). – This is used to help prove your identity in the future or if you forget your password.

    6)      Click Next.

    7)      AOL will now ask you to prove you are not an automated robot by entering the characters you can see in the box provided.

    8)      When you are happy click “Sign Up” – by clicking this button you are agreeing to their terms and conditions.

    9)      AOL will now display a Congratulations screen showing you your username and also your security question and its answer. AOL will also offer you the chance to download its browser tool bar. This is optional, to turn it down unselect the tick box.

    10)  That’s it AOL will now take you to its main webmail interface.


    To send your first email click on the email icon at the top left hand side under the AOL Logo.

    1. Type the recipients email in the To: box
    2. Type your messages subject in the Subject: box
    3. Type the main body of email in the large box underneath
    4. When you are happy click the send envelope icon located just above the To: box.


    That’s it you have successfully created a AOL free Email account and sent your first email.


    AOL and all images are the property and copy write of AOL.

    If you would like us to help you set up an email account for you or if you want a more professional business email account please contact us.

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    Free Business Advertising – 6 Strategies to Help You Attract Customers for Free! 

    In today’s recession hit world every business owner needs to get the most from their advertising strategies and budgets.
    There is nothing wrong with paying for advertising, in fact in most cases it is an essential way of attracting new customers. Whether it is buying space in magazines, getting experts to optimise your website or using Pay Per Click services on the major search engines.

    But business owners should not forget about all the types of free advertising that are available. Free advertising can bring in just as many new customers as paid, often with higher spends and higher loyalty.

    6 Strategies for attracting customers for free.

    1) Word of Mouth.
    Word of Mouth advertising is not only free but it is the most important way to attract new business and customers. As no matter how much money you spend on PR and how high end your advertising medium. People will always trust the opinions and recommendations of their friends and colleagues over any advert. Give your customers incentives (e.g. discounts, money back, free postage or free gifts.) to spread the word.
    2) Google Maps.
    Add your business to Google Maps. It’s totally free, you don’t need a website and it will increase your visibility on Google.
    3) Use Facebook and your Friends.
    Setup a free business Facebook page, and then use your friends to spread the word. Jut think if every one of your friends tells 2 of their friends and each of them tells 2 of their friends, your business could be swamped in no time.
    4) Swapping Adverts.
    Speak to other similar businesses about doing an advert swap, if you have a shoe selling business then swap adverts with your local shoe repairer. You could recommend each other verbally and or swap adverts on your literature or website.
    5) Put your business name and website on your packaging.
    You are already paying for your packaging and shipping; why not gain some free exposure by putting your name and website on the box or packing tape.
    6) Plug your business in online reviews.
    Have a search on the internet for people looking for similar businesses, services or products to yours. Reply to them and subtly recommend yourself. Not only might they buy from your business, but other people searching the internet will find your review.

    You have permission to use this article freely in any publication as long as the resource box, by line, and copy write are included as-is and any web links are made ‘live’ when published on websites.

    © Jonathan Pack 2010

    Resource Box

    Jonathan Pack invites you to submit your local business, restaurant or service for massive exposure to the high traffic local search site GuideHut for free. When you submit your business to, your business will be found by local people searching for local products and services, using will help you increase your local sales and exposure. To submit your business, setup a free account today. Free Business Advertising


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