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  • VennerCorp 20:08 on July 31, 2017 Permalink |
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    Apple Stops Selling iPod’s ! 

    Apple Stops Selling iPod’s!Apple Stop selling Ipods after 16 years

    After 16 years Apple have stopped selling all their basic iPod’s and only selling their Touch model!

    They have quickly withdrawn their popular basic Nano and Shuffle iPod from their website, leaving just their touch model. The touch is an IOS device and is basically just an iPhone without the phone part. This will annoy a lot of people who just want a basic device to play their music while running or on the beach. The Touch of course will do that but it is a lot larger, heavier, fragile and its battery life is tiny compared to the Nano or Shuffle.

    The iPod nano and shuffle will still be available from third party stores such as amazon until their stocks run out. If you are very attached to your older device it might be worth picking up a spare until while you still can.



    If you have any questions or you have any tips of your own, Why not drop a comment below.

  • VennerCorp 15:39 on August 18, 2013 Permalink |
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    How Can I Play Music for Free Online?

    There are many options for streaming music for free to your PC, MAC, Tablet or mobile\cell phone. Below are our favourite sites that offer the largest music catalogues and are easy to use on all your devices.

    There is no limit to the number of sites that you can use \ sign up for so give them all a try until you find the one that suits your needs the best.


    How Can I Play Music for Free Online?

    How Can I Play Music for Free Online?


    Stream unlimited music to your device for free, note the free service is add supported you can subscribe to remove the adds.

    Spotify is probably the biggest player in the online music world, the you can run it as a dedicated application on your machine or stream it to your web browsers.

    Around the world it has over 20 millions users and 20 million plus music tracks.

    You can sign in and link Spotify to your facebook and twitter account to share your music with your friends.

    Visit the Spotify web site here

    Last FMLast FM

    Stream unlimited music to your device for free, note the free service is add supported you can subscribe to remove the adds.

    When you play music LastFM will create a playlist for you when you search for a song.  It also connect to your itunes account and will recommend other bands based on your purchases and will also introduce to other uses with similar tastes.

    Last FMwill Apps and programs for your Xbox, smart phone or tablet, they also have downloadable programs for your pc and mac  and stream direct from your web browser.

    Visit the Last FM website here


    Jango was launched in 200y and in its operation is quite similar to Last FM, but unlike all the other sites you don’t have to register or create an account to play music, just enter the name of an artist and Jango will create a station straight away playing songs  similar to your choice.

    Siluar to other other site you can link it to your social network accounts to show and see what your friends are listening to.

    But unlike all the other sites there is no paid option to have a add free version of their site.

    Visit the Jango website here

    If you would like help with your computer or laptop then please contact us or visit our IT Support Page.
  • VennerCorp 23:23 on March 23, 2011 Permalink |
    Tags: Broadcast, Film, Licence, Music, PPL, Video   

    Broadcast Music? Get a PRS licence NOW! 

    If you broadcast music for your staff or clients then you need to get a PRS licence.
    If you do or have any of the following then you will a PRS licence.

    1. Background music/ TV
    2. Discos/DJ presentations
    3. Pop quizzes
    4. Telephone music on hold
    5. Bars, restaurants & cafes
    6. Jukeboxes
    7. Gym/health club – Dance Teachers; Exercise; Background music gym workout; Background music swimming pools; Leisure & health and fitness clubs; Background music gymnastics clubs
    8. One off events
    9. Music Videos

    Get your licence at from only £44 + vat per year.

    If you don’t then you risk getting a large fine and or getting your equipment confiscated.

    • Topher 03:14 on January 13, 2012 Permalink

      TYVM you’ve sloved all my problems

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